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Quality of Service

We are developing a QoS framework (2KQ) targeting ubiquitious component-based systems with dynamic computing and communication environments.  We have been investigating QoS requirements, specifications, and representations for smart spaces. In term of distributed QoS compilation, we have designed and implemented the first version of QoS compilation techniques such as QoS translation, probing, and profiling according to different configurations of an application.  In term of the dynamic instantiation, we are devolping the runtime instantiation of different applications based on dynamic selection of a configuration according to resource availability, dynamic location discovery service, and multi-resource reservation protocols.  We are also exploring of application-level routing (ALR) for dynamic QoS aware smart space service configurations.  We have investigating different adaptations in the QoS framework corresponding to different events, such as changing resource availability, user mobility, and end-user QoS preferences.  We are refining the translation process to be more generic for different application domains.


Current Projects

bulletQoS Compiler
bulletHDTV Filtering